Clothing Manufacturing and Garment Processing

Norris Steam Services (London) Ltd was established by our managing director Norris Shepherdson, who back in the 1960’s worked as a service engineer repairing steam irons in the clothing factories of London’s east end. This area was the heart of London’s clothing manufacturers, it was a time of thriving industry. Norris often reminds us that if there were 30 hours in a day he could have worked all of them! That and how there were no parking meters or congestion charges back then!

Clothing manufacturing is still a big business although not all of our clients are clustered around the east end any more. For logistic and financial reasons most of the factories in London have moved further afield.

Garment processing plants have appeared since the introduction of importing clothing from abroad. Norris Steam supply many processing plants with steam pressing equipment to ensure all products are in pristine condition when they are despatched to the retailer.

Norris Steam specialise in supplying industrial steam pressing equipment to the clothing manufacturing and garment processing sector. We are always happy to discuss any new or existing set up you may require.

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