Camptel Rotor Cabinet



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Camptel Rotor Cabinet Forced vaporisation cabin

Steam Operating Temperature: 150 °C
Time-controlled work cycle in all phases.

Optional Built-in steam generator:
– 23 Lt capacity boiler and 18 kW heating element with fully automatic operation, with water feed pump, electronic level control, safety valve and conveyed discharge.
Silent and powerful ventilator included.

WORKING CYCLE: it takes place without the slightest dispersion of steam, allowing energy savings and a better working environment.
Start of the cycle after closure of the door.

Forced vaporisation by inserting, during the steaming cycle, a jet of hot air that favours the complete distribution of the steam even in the less accessible areas.
Vaporisation is carried out by means of a pneumatic valve.

For correct operation, the connection to a compressed air source is necessary.

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Update May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 virus we now offer this unit to sanitise face masks. 

Self-Contained Generator

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