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Camptel Zephyr Shirt Finisher Series

The Camptel Zephyr series shirt finisher is designed to meet every laundry need in terms of operational quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Suitable for drying and ironing damp shirts (25% humidity).

This shirt finisher represents the most modern version of a system that has been on the market for several years, but continues to be appreciated by laundries with a requirement of pressing approximately 150/200 garments per day.

The Zephyr unit is ideal for finishing wet shirts, after using the collar and wrists using the Technoshirt Collar & Cuff  press, is carried out through simultaneous drying and tensioning operations.
The garment is ironed through contact with the finisher’s cloth, which through the strong emission of hot air dries and stretches the shirt in about 90 seconds (depending on the type of fabric). Drying is guaranteed by a steam heat exchanger and a strong air ventilator.
The working time and operating temperature are set by means of a timer positioned on the front of the equipment.
Ease of use, economy and robustness make the Zephyr the best answer to the needs of small laundries, in compliance with Camptel’s quality guarantee.

Available in 2 versions;

Zephyr 30 CE – Electrically Heated with 15kW Element
Zephyr 30 CV – Steam Heated for connection to central steam

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