Spirax Sarco FT14 1/2″ Ball Float Steam Trap



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Spirax Sarco FT 14 1/2″ BSP (R-L) 4.5 Bar Ball Float Steam Trap.
The FT14 is an SG iron bodied ball float steam trap having stainless steel working internals and integral automatic air venting facility. It can be maintained without disturbing the pipework and is suplpied with screwed connections.
The float trap is a continuous discharge trap, removing condensate the instant it forms. On start-up, the thermostatic air vent allows air to bypass the main valve preventing the system air binding. Hot condensate will close the air vent tightly, but as soon as it enters the main chamber on the trap, the float rises and the lever mechanism attached to it opens the main valve – keeping the system drained of condensate at all times. When steam arrives, the float drops and closes the main valve. Float traps ar renown for their high start up loand handling capability, clean tight shut-off and resistance to waterhammer and vibration,
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