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We are pleased to be able to offer the Stirovap complete commercial series ironing system consisting of the Stirovap Model 300, 6 litre steam generator and electric steam iron. This generator attaches onto our commercial vacuum table which is available with or without sleeve pressing shape.

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The Stirovap Model 603 is a professional heated vacuum table. The working surface of this unit is heated by a powerful 800w element. The temperature is controlled by the user through a thermostat control with a range from 0 – 120 degrees. This will ensure a high quality, dry finish at all times. The Model 603 features the use of interchangeable heated pressing shapes suitable for sleeves, trousers and jackets. The standard shape supplied is the Model 621 for use on regular sleeves. All other Shapes are available on request. No installation is required as the Model 603 requires standard single phase electricity supplied through a single 13 amp, 3 pin plug. This unit is recommended for use within all commercial pressing industries including Dry Cleaners, Tailors, Dress Makers, Laundries and Ironing Parlours.

The Stirovap Model 602 is manufactured to the same high standard as the Model 603 without the option of a heated pressing shape. Please note the sleeve arm may not be added at a later time.

The Stirovap 300 Series is a commercial, 6 litre steam generator designed for use with one industrial steam iron.

The Model 300 steam generator is heated by a powerful 2200w heating element to ensure the three bar working pressure is maintained at all times.

The steam flow is regulated using a CEME adjustable solenoid valve to allow the operator to have as little or much steam as required.

Features of the Model 300 Include;

·         Water Level Sight Glass, so the user can see how much water is in the unit

·         Lever Drain Valve, for easy cleaning of the generator

·         Two Safety Cut Out Devices, to protect against high temperatures

·         Two External Safety Release Valves, to release steam should the pressure raise above normal

The Model 300 is manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel which shall ensure no corrosion shall occur within the machine.

This unit is best suited within Dry Cleaners, Ironing Services, Fashion Houses, Tailoring, Dress Making and Retail Alterations Departments.
The Model 300 Industrial Steam Generator iron is the steam iron of choice at many of Londons top fashion houses and can be found in most tailoring and alterations departments in London’s Savile Row and Bond Street.
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