Due Effe Vacuum Pump PV-75



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The pump PV75 is a 4 cylinder diaphragm pump

Vacuum pump PV-75 4 Cylinder technical features:

Flow rate: 85 litres per minute
Ultimate vacuum of 10 millibar absolute pressure (data referred to dry air)
Power Hp 0,50  Hz 50/60
Rounds/1″ 1400/1750
Class Insulation  F
Quiet operation and low level of vibration
The PV75 can be supplied in different configurations
Applications: vacuum distillation in dry cleaning machines, tool machines, vacuum rotary evaporators, laboratory equipment and electro medical equipment.

Due Effe S.p.A is a manufacturer of diaphragm vacuum pumps provided with three-phase asynchronous motor 0.37 kw. The pumps at 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder are available in different configurations to get different nominal flow rates and final vacuums

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