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Technical Details

  • Removes Starch, Scorch, Soil and Foreign Residue from all hot metal ironing surfaces
  • Non Flammable, safe fo metals, fabric and skin
  • Cleans whilst the metal is hot. Ez Off makes irons glide faster
  • Can Be Used To Remove Melted Webs, Fusibles, Iron-On Interfacings, Trims, Burned-On Synthetics & Coatings Caused By Excess Starch & Detergent Build-Up
  • Large 149g tube! 5.1/4 Oz
Ez Off hot iron cleaner simply removes all foreign objects from the soleplate of your iron whilst the iron is hot. Simply apply a small amount of iron cleaner onto a cloth and rub away. Using Ez Off will not only help pro long the life span but will also allow your iron to glide quickly across garments. Ez-Off can be used to clean all metal surfaces quickly and easy. Ez Off is manufactured by Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Co, This is an industrial product which safe for everyday household use. Material Data Sheet can be supplied on request.
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